The UPDATED #GBBO Drinking Game!

After far too many complaints and even several hospital admissions from the original iteration of the ‘just too hardcore” Great British Bake-Off drinking game, I was forced to make it a little more liver friendly in the form of the “Semi-Skimmed” version. For your diet coke, or Fortnum’s chai.

But for the magnificent Series 4 final: here’s an UPDATED version! With more drinking than ever before:

(The original version can be found here.)


Directions: Have a glass and a bottle of your preferred tipple ready. Fill the glass and drink as below. Only re-fill your glass when it is empty, then it must be fully refilled.

Drink 1 Finger:

  • Every time the words “Soggy Bottom” are mentioned
  • Every “Good Bake” or “Good Crumb”
  • Every time the presenters eat something
  • Every time Mary gives a silent but clearly disapproving gaze
  • Every time Ruby pulls a brilliant face

Drink 2 fingers:

  • Every double entendre or innuendo, intended or unintended
  • For each disaster in the technical bake
  • Every time Paul scrapes or pokes a bake with his big knife
  • Every time Kimberley laughs

Drink 3 fingers:

  • Every time someone prays in front of an oven
  • If you spot a knitted toy
  • If a contestant drops a bake
  • For every bake of Frances’s with a cool, hidden concept

Finish your drink:

  • If a contestant cries
  • When the winner is announced