Bread day!

Today is bread day on the Great British Bake Off. In celebration, therefore, bread must be baked! I am going for three varieties:


100% Wholemeal Sourdough, take three.

– One of the most annoying breads I’ve ever baked and something I’ve been putting off for a while. Attempt 1 was a little stodgy in crumb but full on flavour. Attempt 2 was a little better, more open crumb but still not what I am after (even better flavour though). This attempt will be good. I’m ramping up the wetness to never before attempted levels and using a levain. It has to be good. If it is not then I will try and try and try again.


Miller’s Sourdough Bagels

– I hope you’ll see these on the show tonight, and I aim to reproduce them to be given away for free at the Peerie Shop Cafe tomorrow morning. They’re darn good – the combo of white, wholemeal and rye with the seeds giving an amazing complexity of flavour for such a short sourdough prove.



– This is my favourite bread – a massive sourdough combo of some wholemeal and a high extraction whitish flour, improvised at home by various blends of sieved brown flour. I may not have enough starter left for this, but if not then a levain and a tiny little bit of dried yeast won’t go amiss. Looking for a good open crumb and thick dark crust.


Will let everyone know how they turn out! Recipes to follow.