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My name’s James. I like to bake and I like to write.

In 2012, I reached the final of the Great British Bake-Off.

In 2015, I’ll qualify as a medical doctor. I’ll release my second book. I’ll have been writing a column for the Sunday Mail for 2 years. I’ll have contributed to countless more publications and attended more culinary events, TV studios and baking shows than I’d ever have thought possible.

Here’s to reality TV.




My first book book, Brilliant Bread, came out on the 29th August 2013.

In 2014, it was awarded the Guild of Food Writer’s Award for Best Cookery Book.

To say “I am proud” would be an understatement. The positive response has been overwhelming and for it I am grateful. I tried my best to make this the best bread book on the market.

You can order it many places online, including Amazon and Waterstones. Alternatively, you should look for it in your local independent book shop. If you are in any doubt, then get in touch personally with your queries on twitter.



My second book, How Baking Works, is released March 2015. It’s even better than the first.


7-day NHS a huge pay cut for Trainee Doctors

– I have spent most of my clinical years in medical school hanging around the wards and listening to doctors moan. They moan most about the NHS. Some common nuggets include: “Why are you here?” and “Get out whilst you can” and “Be a baker. You’ll be much happier.” Cutting doctors’ pay would probably drown any remaining morale. Already, […]

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Summer Lager Taste Test

Summer Lager Taste Test

As Britain is drowned in mediocre craft beer and crusty real ale, it’s easy to overlook the lager. Understated, humble lager. Given a bad name by the macrobreweries that ruin them, some examples deserve some serious respect. No, they aren’t swamped with hops, barrel-aged or 15% abv, but give them a little sunshine and they cannot […]

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First Leaders’ Debate Drinking Game

– 1 finger every time: Natalie Bennet mentions ‘Climate Change’ Nick Clegg looks straight at the camera to make him appear more human Nigel Farage mentions ‘immigration’ ‘migrants’ or ‘Britishness’ Ed Miliband repeats an exact phrase twice or more Leanne Wood says something that definitely doesn’t sound like it is spelled Nicola Sturgeon uses the […]

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Banana Bombs

Banana Bombs

I’ve just had a bite of a Banana Bomb. As I bit through the just-crunchy skin and into the moist flesh within, life stopped. Oh, the pleasure. But then I panicked. As I swallowed, it was like it had found a hidden fistula that bypassed my intestines, instead sneaking straight into each vulnerable nook of every artery. There […]

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Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns

Boredom. Not boredom like I’ve been doing nothing and have nothing to do; what I have to do is so tedious that my mind is wandering onto nearly anything that interrupts the monotony. My medical finals are in three days. And as I do the 3000th MCQ or past paper question today, I think it’s […]

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The oil? Who cares. It does not matter. In a mere 100 years, Scotland would still be independent and the oil would be long-gone. I’ve stayed out of the debate as much as I could bear. To potentially polarise my already diminishing demographic? My publishers would be appalled. My single foray into the promotion of the […]

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For all personal enquires and hellos, please get in touch on Twitter! You can find me @bakingjames.

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For press enquiries regarding Brilliant Bread or How Baking Works, please contact Ellie Rankine at Ebury Publishing:

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