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My name’s James. I like to bake and I like to write.

In 2012, I reached the final of the Great British Bake-Off.

In 2015, I’ll qualify as a medical doctor. I’ll release my second book. I’ll have been writing a column for the Sunday Mail for 2 years. I’ll have contributed to countless more publications and attended more culinary events, TV studios and baking shows than I’d ever have thought possible.

Here’s to reality TV.




My first book book, Brilliant Bread, came out on the 29th August 2013.

In 2014, it was awarded the Guild of Food Writer’s Award for Best Cookery Book.

To say “I am proud” would be an understatement. The positive response has been overwhelming and for it I am grateful. I tried my best to make this the best bread book on the market.

You can order it many places online, including Amazon and Waterstones. Alternatively, you should look for it in your local independent book shop. If you are in any doubt, then get in touch personally with your queries on twitter.



My second book, How Baking Works, is released March 2015. It’s even better than the first.


Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns

Boredom. Not boredom like I’ve been doing nothing and have nothing to do; what I have to do is so tedious that my mind is wandering onto nearly anything that interrupts the monotony. My medical finals are in three days. And as I do the 3000th MCQ or past paper question today, I think it’s […]

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The oil? Who cares. It does not matter. In a mere 100 years, Scotland would still be independent and the oil would be long-gone. I’ve stayed out of the debate as much as I could bear. To potentially polarise my already diminishing demographic? My publishers would be appalled. My single foray into the promotion of the […]

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Blueberry Pizza

Blueberry Pizza

This isn’t even distraction from writing my book. This is a recipe going in my new book. I thought I’d share it on here because it’s special.   BLUEBERRY PIZZA This recipe exists because of a wee boy called Elliot. The lovely Sarah Lavelle (@InnatelyN8), who is going to be editing this book and edited my […]

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Pizza Cake

Pizza Cake

Hullo! Today, I’ve been distracted from the furious final dash to deliver the manuscript of my 2nd book on time. There was one post/possible-troll that kept popping up on assorted social media that I just could not ignore. The Pizza Cake. This genius concept (for it is still just that: a concept) comes from Canadian chain Boston Pizza, who are asking […]

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How to Make Cider (or Scrumpy)

How to Make Cider (or Scrumpy)

This isn’t intended as a guide on how to make the most artisanal product in the world – this is a guide on how to make a genuinely nice, drinkable cider for those of us who live in cities, in flats or without a supply of time, cash and apple trees. The above juice was […]

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A letter to the #GBBO haters

The Bake-Off comes to a close for another year with more innuendo, innovation and twitter abuse than ever before. And I’m sad that it is this last point that has come to define this series as far as the press is concerned – reading certain fascist publications, it seems some contestants can cause differences of […]

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For all personal enquires and hellos, please get in touch on Twitter! You can find me @bakingjames.

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For press enquiries regarding Brilliant Bread or How Baking Works, please contact Ellie Rankine at Ebury Publishing:

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